First Training in Entrepreneurship

Maria Petrova Uncategorized

Within the framework of the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility”, in the beginning of July the first entrepreneurship training took place. It involved 15 teachers from “Atanas Burov” secondary school and was performed by the FOUNDATION “JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT BULGARIA”.

The training program is tailored to the objectives of the project and the needs of the teachers who will participate in the Joint Educational Scheme for Entrepreneurship in the Cross-Border Region. The first part of the modular activities was devoted to the topic “Learning Company”, followed by webinars on “Green Entrepreneurship”.
A training with a similar content will also be carried out in the town of Calarasi by the FOUNDATION “JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT ROMANIA”. for the teachers from the Economic College, Calarasi – partner on the project.

These joint initiatives enable teachers and students from both schools in Silistra and Calarasi to develop their entrepreneurial skills within the framework of cross-border cooperation.