The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Group has been set up

Maria Petrova Uncategorized

The first meeting of the joint group on monitoring and evaluation of the educational scheme “Entrepreneurship without Borders” took place on October 10 at 14.00 in the town of Calarasi in the conference hall of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in the town of Calaras, Romania.

It involved 10 representatives of education authorities in the cross-border region, business and employment institutions and 5 representatives of the beneficiary organizations.

The work program at the first meeting included: 1) discussing the project goals and the tasks of the group; 2) establishment of the group; 2) adopting common principles for work and discussing upcoming events.
The members of the Group will have the task of assessing the delivery of entrepreneurial education activities under the current project frame, their applicability to mobilize labor mobility and coherence with horizontal EU policies.

Let’s wish success to the monitoring and evaluation group of the “Education without Borders” Educational Scheme!