Innovation camp for cross-border training companies

Борислав Ганев Uncategorized

Between March 27th and March 29th 2018 The Economic College in Calarasi, Romania, organized and held an „Innovation Camp” for 40 Romanian and Bulgarian students, participating in cross-border training companies under the project „Entrepreneurship for Youth Labour Mobility”, code, financed by INTERREG VA RO- BG. The event is part of the “Entrepreneurship without Borders” joint education scheme, consisting of 3 programs: Enterprise without Frontiers, Green Entrepreneurship, Foreign Language Courses in Bulgarian and Romanian exchange activities.

Such educational activities aim to improve the employability of young people for the labor market and their mobility in the cross-border region of Silistra, Bulgaria – Calarasi, Romania. The project is implemented by the partners: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Calarasi, the Vocational School of Economics „Atanas Burov” in Silistra, the Economic Lyceum and the Partners 2000 Association from Calarasi and the NGO Parallel-Silistra.

During the “Enterprise without Borders” training, the young people create and register cross-border training companies. They become shareholders in them by investing minimum capital, choosing a board of directors and a president who runs them. The Bulgarian and Romanian “shareholders” jointly choose a product or service to produce and market. During the school year, they sell their products within the cross-border region of Silistra, Bulgaria – Calarasi, Romania, and in the end the participants will liquidate the training company, distribute the dividends and assess the business cycle.

The tasks decided by the Bulgarian and Romanian youths during the Innovation Camp were to develop a business plan for “green” companies that will reduce waste and ensure sustainable production within the cross-border region. The non-governmental organization “Junior Achievement – Romania” performed the training and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Calarasi invited ten local business representatives who were the business mentors of the youth and jury of their presentations.