First linguistic exchange visit

Борислав Ганев Uncategorized

On 22 MAI 2018, the Calarasi Economic College organized the first linguistic exchange visit between Bulgarian and Romanian students within the framework of the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility”, financed by the INTERREG VA RO-BG program. The event is part of the Joint Educational Scheme „Enterpreneurship Education without Borders” , which is being developed under the project.
This activity brought together the Romanian-Bulgarian joint-venture students’ companies involved in the project. During the event the stakeholders of these companies jointly work discussed and created their marketing strategy and materials, needed for their participation at the Joint Fair on CB students’ companies that will take place in June 2018.
The arrival of the Bulgarian partners was a good opportunity to present some of the historical assets of the Economic College in Calarasi in the historical center of the city. After this short historic introduction, the Bulgarian and Romanian students and teachers participated in a demonstrative lesson on “Business plan elaboration”. Then the joint ventures stakeholders started developing various promotional materials (brochures, flyers , calendars etc.), using the common logo, the common ideas and the three languages ​​used in the project, Romanian, Bulgarian and English.
The meeting was also a good opportunity to overcome the existing language barriers and to promote the spirit of teamwork and share the ideas of Romanian and Bulgarian students for a common goal of setting up businesses that cross the borders of the two countries. Also, in this creative exercise, the two economic laws in the two countries were also discussed, and common points were identified to facilitate cross-border exchange between the cross-border companies.
The activity will be finalized on June 12 2018 in Silistra, when the 5 companies will reunite, finalizing the joint project. Students have socialized, exchanged e-mails and facebook addresses to share with each other the materials they have worked on in other activities and combine them into a common product that has real chances to be materialized at the end of the project.