An Information Day Can Be Fun

Борислав Ганев Uncategorized

This information day doesn’t sound typical, but it happened in the center of Silistra on the afternoon of September 27th.

On the occasion of the European Cultural Heritage Week and European Territorial Cooperation Day, the NGO ‘Parallel Silistra’ organized an information day under the motto “Cultural Entrepreneurs”.

At 14.00 am the Art Gallery of the town of Silistra welcomed its guests from the Atanas Burov Vocational School of Economics in Silistra and their Romanian partners from the Economics School in Calarasi. For the first time, the students and their teachers were involved in the topic of “Cultural entrepreneurship – an engine for the development of territorial cooperation and mobility”, presented by Dr. Diana Bebenova, an expert on the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility”. Ms. Sylvia Angelova, a doctor of Romanian linguistics, helped the participants overcome the language barrier, although some of them communicate well with the help of English. Mrs. Denka Mihaylova, the Director of the Economics High School greeted the guests and encouraged them to think and act as cross-border entrepreneurs. And this was the last part of the formal presentation of topics and ideas.

For the second part of the event the participants were divided into teams, which had the task of discovering and ‘filming’ different objects of the cultural and historical heritage of our town. They randomly picked up the colours for their teams: red, yellow, green, blue and orange, got their “challenges” and embarked on a photo-adventure. These young entrepreneurs had not only to discover and capture the monuments and locations described, but also to present them in a two-minute video in an attractive way.

And here comes the party. One of the groups pictured the remnants of the Roman fortress wall as a video game scene and a survival storyline. Others presented the outdoor sports possibilities in the park, while the art group shot ‘funny videos’ with the sculptures in front of the gallery. The team of the “ethnographers” even performed one of the Bulgarian spring tradition – ‘lazaruvane’, which was enjoyed the most. The videos will be additionally finalized and in October they will be uploaded in the project web site to participate in the web competition “Cultural entrepreneurs in Silistra”. The info day ended with a youth party for the participants. The event is part of the information campaign under the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility”, financed by the program INTERREG 2014-2020 Romania – Bulgaria.