Demonstration of the results of the joint Bulgarian-Romanian educational program "ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITHOUT BORDERS"

Борислав Ганев Uncategorized

In the last days of October, the joint cross-border companies of Silistra and Calarasi students, set up under the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility”, accepted their next challenge. On October 24, at the Calarasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 20 junior entrepreneurs presented their companies to the media from the neighboring Romanian city. At this unconventional press conference, the five teams answered questions about the activities that accompanied the company’s work, but the strongest “argument” for the benefit of the project was the products they presented to journalists and businessmen.

Parallel to these presentations,  the Partners of the project were having another important event – the Third meeting of the Monitoring and Evaluation Group. This entity includes 10 representatives of the education authorities, the business community and the employment institutions in the cross-border region who discussed the provision of the JOINT EDUCATIONAL SCHEME “ENTREPRENEURSHIP WITHOUT BORDERS”, its applicability to mobilize labor mobility and coherence with horizontal policies of the EU. At the end of its third regular meeting, the Monitoring and Evaluation Group endorsed the Report on the Impact of the Joint Scheme on cooperation in the field of education and improving the employability of students. The report is based on evidence of the impact of training activities and provides concrete information on how to apply a cooperative approach and coherence with horizontal EU policies; inclusion in national curricula; links with the business of the CB and impact on the entrepreneurial skills and language competencies of the students.