Joint Report on JES Impact by the Monitoring and Evaluation Group

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The attached report provides a rationale for the development, implementation and impact of the Joint Bulgarian-Romanian Educational Scheme “Entrepreneurship without Borders” to improve youth employment and labor mobility in the cross-border region Bulgaria – Romania. It is part of the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility” ROBG169, financed under INTERREG V-A, as presented in Chapter One.

In Chapter Two the report analyzes the legal framework for entrepreneurship education and training in school education in Bulgaria and Romania as a whole and in particular in the two secondary vocational schools with economic profile participating in the project. It discusses the challenges and opportunities for joint cross-border educational activities between Bulgarian and Romanian educational institutions that promote youth employment. Against this background, the paper presents the content and impact of the Joint Educational Scheme, which was developed and implemented by the young people and teachers from both vocational schools.

At the end of the analytical section, the report proposes the use of similar educational activities in entrepreneurship and in general education schools in the cross-border region, so as to increase the employability of young people.

The third chapter contains practical information for jobseekers in Romania and Bulgaria. It presents Internet sources of information on the availability of vacancies, the necessary documents for concluding a contract of employment, as well as brief information on the process of validation of knowledge in both countries.

For downloading attached report, please follow the link: Report on EEwB – ROBG169 – ENGL