New Partnership for Sustainable Results under the E4YLM

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In December 2018, the team of the Angel Kanchev University of Rousse, in charge of the INNOVENTER project, became a partner in the Joint Education Scheme “Entrepreneurship without Borders”. Then in February 2019 at the invitation of the new partners, a group of representatives of the Parallel-Silistra NGO and the Atanas Burov Vocational School took part in an international project meeting in Athens, Greece.

Both projects have as their primary objective the creation of professionally oriented entrepreneurship training aimed at young people so that they improve their labor mobility and develop entrepreneurial skills.

Core outcomes and products include entrepreneurial training courses with relevant curriculum and modules, manuals, online and mobile platforms with interactive tools.

That’s how, the Bulgarian partners under the project “Entrepreneurship for Youth Labor Mobility” ROBG 169 are working together for its sustainable continuation after the end of the project cycle.