Ranking of projects from the innovation camp “Projects by Girls-Entrepreneurs”

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On October 5th and 6th, 2021, the innovation camp “Projects by Girls-Entrepreneurs” was held in AGRI Center, Silistra for the fifth time. This year it was  attended by 20 girls from XI and XII class, coming from five schools in Silistra District.

On October 5th, they were included participated in two trainings, one-for developing entrepreneurship skills, which was facilitated by the Associated Professor Daniel Pavlov from  the University “A. Kanchev ”and the second- for marketing skills, facilitated by Lora Sarkisyan, marketing expert.

On the next day, they  developed their projects and business plans on a case study with the help of Rotary Club business consultants. The participants had the task to assess the opportunities for business development in the cross-border region.
Finally, they presented their business models to a Jury of three members to be evaluated and ranked according to preliminary announced criteria. The maximum number of points in the team after summing the scores of the three members of the jury is 300.

The Jury rated and ranked the teams as follows:

I place for “CATA-FOOD & PLEASURE”, Sofia University “Hristo Botev”, Tutrakan, 267 vols.

II place for “NATURAL APRICOT”, PGSUAU “Atanas Burov”, Silistra, 258 vols.

III place for “Silistra – Tour”, EG “P. Yavorov ”, Silistra, 236 vols.

IV place for “Pharmacy on two steps”, Sofia University “V. Levski ”, Glavinitsa, 230 vols.

V place for “CREAT TRIPS”, PGPT “Evl. Georgiev ”, Silistra, 194 vols.

All participants were awarded with certificates of participation, as well as cash prizes provided by the sponsors: Silistra Municipality, Silistra District Administration and Rotary Club.

The event is organized by the Regional Department of Education – Silistra, Silistra Municipality, Department of Education and Youth Activities and NGO “Parallel – Silistra”.