About the project

The project tackles with the following main challenges:

1. The insufficient linkage between vocational education (VE) and business sector.
2. The language barrier
3. Entrepreneurship education in Bulgaria and Romania doesn’t teach about CB business initiatives, companies or labour market and doesn’t provide for students’ employability across the borders..


Project main objective 1

Develop and provide a Joint Educational Scheme on ‘Entrepreneurship Education without Borders’ (JES on EEwB) as part of vocational education to enhance youth employment potential and labour mobility.

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Project main objective 2

Contribute to the integration of the CB area in terms of employment opportunities and labour mobility by promoting the JES as an employment initiative in CB secondary and tertiary education.

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Expected results

people, mainly students, will be involved in entrepreneurship education
joint employment initiatives, contributing to the integration ofcross-border area in terms of youth employment and labour mobility.

Project approaches:


Cooperation on education based on the EC recommendations on entrepreneurship education and joint development of the JES on EEwB training curriculum


The cooperative approach applies to all trainings, events, etc., which also means cooperation between the providers of these services within the project


Teachers will develop and implement 3 programs constituting the Joint Educational Scheme on Entrepreneurhip Education without Borders (JES on EewB): Enterprise without Frontiers, Green Enterprise, Language learning with youth exchanges.


To extend the impact of the project, a training management system will be developed to provide on-line ‘life-long learning’.

Project activities

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6. 6.


1. Developing the Program ‘Green Company’ – part of the JES on EEwB

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2. Developing the ‘Enterprise Without Borders’ Programme  –  part of the JES on EEwB

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3. Monitoring and evaluation of the provision of the JES on EEwB

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4. Providing the ‘Enterprise Without Borders’ Programme  – part of the JES on EEwB

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5. Providing the Program on Linguistic training – part of the JES on EEwB

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6. Information and Publicity

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